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We are more than just a company. we are your partners in success, bringing creative solutions, dedicated expertise, and unwavering commitment to every endeavor.

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About us

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Manpower Solutions

At Recruitrite Manpower Solutions, we serve as your dedicated partner, unlocking your recruitment potential. Through expert guidance and a strategic approach, we aid businesses in enhancing recruitment strategies, attracting top talent, and cultivating high-performing teams.

We excel in mapping the best talent to your organization's specific needs. With a rapid turnaround, we ensure you get the right candidates quickly. We've established a wide-reaching industry network, covering various sectors, allowing us to serve clients from different industries effectively.

Our assessment process is highly precise, verifying competencies and credentials. This thorough evaluation streamlines the recruitment process, saving valuable time.

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About the founder

Jyotika comes with 2 decades of comprehensive experience in Human Resource Management. She started off as a HR Generalist in IBM in Bangalore in her last assignment in IBM she was heading recruitment for one of their biggest call centre operations in the country, it was their she coined the idea of starting her entrepreneur. The hunger to understand the nuisance of a head hunting firm made here leave a flourishing corporate career.

Jyotika Dhareshwar

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Our Mission

In our mission, we promise to deliver results consistently, covering a diverse spectrum of recruitment requirements. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and adaptation has enabled us to evolve in response to the evolving needs of our clients. We primarily focus on delivering exceptional customer service, offering confidential consulting solutions that span the globe.

Our approach centers on 100% customer satisfaction. We prioritize maintaining confidentiality in all aspects of our work, ensuring that your sensitive information is safeguarded. Our goal is to provide clients with unparalleled support.

By maintaining our core values and continuously improving our services, we aim to provide consulting solutions that are tailored, transparent, and consistently exceed expectations. Our client-centric approach ensures that our mission remains centered on your success.